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Privacy Policy


Panjtan point is the dedicated network of “ the five pious”. The only purpose of this network is to spread peace, love and prosperity across the borders keeping in view the Islamic teachings of our beloved Prophets, Imams and their companions. They have taught us one thing in common Which is ; the best amongst you is the one who cares about others and don’t harm their privacy. Therefore, it’s important to create and build secure environment for our users in terms of their privacy concerns. Hence, we are strictly following the rules of receiving any information for the basic data collecting use only -in case – so that you can enjoy and easily access; the best web page features all the time.

What information do we collect?

It’s well said by our Imam Ali ( son of Abu Talib) : “ if you’re sincere, you will be successful.”
Keeping in view the real teachings from the five pious, our only mission is to collect information which is more relevant and viable for the web page. We don’t ask for unnecessarily data collection. Therefore, to access the web features ( blogs, articles, subscription, videos and comments section ... etc) we only ask the visitors to create a general account by doing registration at our website. This registration only includes few basic information which are your name, email address and the created password by yourself. This is how easily you can start with our web pages. We have worth trustee evidence for your required information. Your email address is only asked in case to add your future updates via emails or let you to subscribe our channel or enabling you to leave your comments. This is how it works. Meanwhile, if any new button section will be added- it will have the detailed clarifications and policy terms before you add any required information.

How do we use personal information?

The received information is only used to keep our visitors/users update about future opportunities, new features, email reminders or generating a way to communicate. We don’t believe in exploiting users' information or their original identify. The network team is highly trained to prefer morale of building goodness for others. We believe and act in what our holy Imam taught us. Imam Hussain ( the son of Ali) once said : “ avoid doing harm to a person who has no one except Allah ( God) as he shall be Allah’s support.” Therefore, it’s forbidden at our web page to use any information for wrongful purposes. Our services at your trust only. No gains!

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

We process your personal data on the following six basic legal steps of consent, performance of a contract, a legitimate interest, a vital interest, a legal requirement and a public interest - our webpage will be including either one of these but right now we are using ;
• Consent : by consenting you agree to the terms and conditions and allows us to use your given personal data for further processing.

When do we share personal data?

Panjtan point is dedicated network to spread peace and love across the borders. Therefore, we don’t disclose any personal information without your consent. If it’s needed to be shared with any third party we must be sending you an email confirmation or consent to avail such opportunities. In case, you don’t permit for such things, we are accountable to sustain your privacy at any cost.

Where do we store and process personal data?

The provided data is always managed by the database management. It includes text which is always encrypted whenever you done sending it to the required party. Thus encrypted data allows us to keep the strict privacy of our users which is converted into special codes so that any unauthorized web, browser or third party may not use your personal information except us. This is how your data is secured and stored for web page use only.

How do we secure personal data?

We prefer to secure your personal data by enabling following restrictions;
• You’re always asked to consent the terms and conditions of the web page.
• You will see pop up notification if the current browser is not safe for your personal data so that you can avoid entering data.
• The web page will not ( automatically) be loaded in case the privacy of the web page is not satisfying while detecting any third party interference or spyware tracking cookies.
• Users are always ( friendly) welcome to prefer ' contact us' button if they are facing any browser problem. We will be best suggesting them to use secure browsers to protect their privacy.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

We don’t ask for the original documents submissions or long background history of yourself while generating your account. We’ve quite simple way to process your data with basic requirements. Your only asked to enter your email address and to generate your own account. You’re able to use this account as much as you can. This includes both ' active' and ' inactive' status options.

Your rights in relation to personal data

You’re allowed to switch your account ' inactive' if your no more interested to send or receive data information. This is how we protect and reserve your rights to run your personal data and relation with us. We believe in building strong and trustworthy relationship with our users. There is no compulsion to invade your security unnecessarily. It’s always by the consent while agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Use of automated decision-making and profiling

We are always at best services while warning our users about specific “ General Data protection Regulations compliance”. According to GDPR article 22 , it’s forbidden to use or enabling automated decision making and profiling as it invade directly the privacy of users without their consent. Therefore, our web page is not providing or enabling any use of automated decision making and profiling keeping in view the International law for data privacy.

Use of cookies and other technologies

One must be knowing that web cookies are the small pieces of data sent from a website and stored to a user’s computer. This is optional enabling button to keep your preferences and activities saved on a given browsers so that you can use it for many times without losing the favourite items.