Aiming to spread the message of AhlayBait (AS) as far as possible

About us

Founded in 2009- PanjtanPoint is the dedicated derivation of “The five pious” in the history and ever alive chapters of the personalities of Islam. The first pious is the holy prophet Muhammad PBUH ( the last prophet of the Islam by Allah) who had struggled to spread peace and love in the ways of Allah till His last breath and strengthen the roots of Islam. The one whom lips didn’t stop asking mercy for his people even when His body was badly wounded. The second pious is from the progeny of Prophet Muhammad- the pious lady and leader of all pious women in heaven- Syeda Fatima (daughter) of Muhammad PBUH. She was a well spoken social activist as she never step back while speaking openly about any social injustice. The third pious is from the progeny of Muhammad PBUH-the pious husband of Fatima (Peace onto Her). He is Ali (son of Abu Talab). He was brave soldier of Allah and entitled as Lion. He never seen stepping back from a battlefield. He is remembered as greatest philosopher, Chemist, Scientist and keen wiser educationist as he said: “I know the things beyond skies, ask me before you loose me”. The fourth and fifth pious are the beloved sons of the unbeatable Imam Ali- Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain. The great brothers had sacrificed their lives for ONE as standing the peace ( The Imam Hassan is famous for his peace treaty over massive war) and SECOND for standing the truth ( as Imam Hussain is famous for being massacred by disbelievers while not bowing in front of lies).

They (the five pious) are complete role models for the Muslims around the globe. Their pure character and mesmerising personalities jewelling with the truth influences not only Muslims but also wins non Muslims’ hearts too as leading with universal codes of life which are peace, honour and the Truth!

Therefore, Panjtanpoint (the dedicated network to the five pious in Islam) is on its way to distribute the precious treasurer of knowledge and teachings brought to mankind (universally) by the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH and His immaculate progeny. We are on your services as the best human is one who spreads peace, love and honour with leading examples & unveiling pure role models.

Life Is Nothing Without Azadari-e-Hussain (AS)_LABAIK LABAIK YA HUSSAIN (AS).